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  • 10 Must Haves for a Real Estate Website

    10 Must Haves for a Real Estate Website

    Location, location, location! This a perhaps the most well-known phrases in real estate, regardless of whether you are the buyer or the seller. This is because buyers will go from place to place looking for that perfect location for their home or business needs. Today, however, the search for the perfect location can be easier, […]

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    Construction Company Websites

    Hammers, nails, sub-flooring, insulation, shutters and shingles—these are all elements of a well-built home. And, while they may not seem all that spectacular taken individually, they can all be used together to build an impressive, usable structure. A website is the same way. It has pages, titles, links, graphics, search engine optimized content and other […]

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    What Traits Do You Look for in a Web Designer?

    On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being highly important) how would you rank the following attributes in regards to hiring a web developer? Communicative Conscientious Ethical Knowledgeable Professional Progressive Punctual Trustworthy Chances are you ranked these traits relatively high. Why? Because when choosing a web designer you are entrusting someone with your business […]

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    April 2012 Website Client Spotlights

    Here at Page Progressive, we create a variety of websites for a broad range of clients. From time to time, we like to highlight some of our client’s websites along with whom they are and what they do, so others can be aware of area businesses and organizations. This month, we are spotlighting Scottie’s Building […]

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    10 Crucial Steps When Building a Church Website

    If you are planning on taking your church online, or perhaps improving your church’s online presence, then there are important steps that should be a part of the plan. In fact, according to Kevin Hendricks of Church Marketing, there are 10 specific steps that you need to follow. In his multi-week series, he shares tips […]

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    Tips for Using PHP

    Many elements contribute to the overall look and usability of your website. Some of these elements are visible to everyone and others are a result of work done behind the scenes of the website. Programming languages like PHP is a good example. As one of the most versatile programing languages, PHP is ideal for creating […]

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    School Website Design

    While it may seem preposterous that a school might not have a website, there are many schools that either don’t have a website or don’t have one that they can manage themselves to produce timely updates. If you find yourself tasked with updating a school website, or maybe you are creating one from scratch, then […]

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    7 Mobile Website Design Trends

    If you have yet to upgrade your website to a being mobile-friendly, then you are missing a large number of opportunities for increasing your client base. Thanks to the explosion of mobile devices that allow one to surf the Web, it is imperative that businesses take advantage of a mobile website design. “But, what should […]

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    12 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Developer for Custom Sites

    If you have been considering a custom web design for your business, but have no idea where to start, then the best thing you can do is hire a professional web developer. This is because a professional custom web design can provide you with solid user interface, marketability, a mobile-friendly site, a website rich in […]

  • Website Usability: 7 Reasons Why It’s All About the User

    Website Usability: 7 Reasons Why It’s All About the User

    As you begin examining your website to see if it is usable to your visitors, there are many aspects you will want to research. Not only do you want it simple yet informative, you want your visitors to recognize, among other things, that they are important to you. Recently, the U.S. Department of Health and […]