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    Stats & Facts: Reasons to Use Social Media

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest – these are but a few of the myriad of social media sites used today. As a perceptive business owner, you are already using at least a couple of these-right? After all, social media sites provide you with an inexpensive and simple method of letting people know who you are and what […]

  • New Facebook WordPress Plugin

    New Facebook WordPress Plugin

    By now, you are well aware of Facebook and its plethora of cohorts like Twitter, Google and other social media sites. And, if you are an avid user of Facebook, you also know that Facebook is always changing or adding features-some of these are loved, and others, maybe not so much. But recently Facebook has […]

  • 40 Social Media Faux Pas You Need to Know About

    40 Social Media Faux Pas You Need to Know About

    Recently seen on a T-shirt, “You read my T-shirt. That is enough social interaction for the day.” If that is your approach to social media, then chances are you are not fully utilizing the various social media sites, especially the big 3: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Perhaps you are using the top three, but not […]

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    The New LinkedIn Follow Button for Your Company

    Social media is one of today’s top buzzwords – especially in the world of the Web. Consequently, the savvy business owner will use the assorted social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Google Plus and others to keep their name in forefront for consumers. Now, one of the most recognized, LinkedIn, has introduced a feature […]

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    Using the New Facebook Timeline to Promote Your Business

    It is nearly impossible to go through at day without seeing a reference to Facebook. That’s because social media users have realized that with just a few minutes invested, they can get their message out to people all around the globe. Of course, businesses and e-marketers are well aware of the potential of Facebook. In […]

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    12 Social Media Tools Businesses Can’t Afford to Overlook

    Are you connected? Do you  tweet? How many “Likes” or followers do you have on Twitter or Facebook? Social media can be the 800 lb. gorilla in the corner of the Web that business owners don’t know what to do with. Moreover, if you are a business owner-chances are, you have more than one social media account. Consequently, […]

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    24 Ways LinkedIn Can Benefit Small Business

    Social media is here to stay. And whether you choose to use YouTube or Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – being connected is a big part of today’s businesses. But while many business owners recognize Facebook and Twitter’s potential, they are unaware of the many ways that LinkedIn can help their business grow. However, recent reports […]

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    13 Apps for Combining Business & Social Media

    Now that you have set up accounts at a few (or several) social media profiles, you will want to use it to its full potential. Of course, maintaining a social media listing takes time, so learning how to get the most of your efforts is important. Fortunately, making your company’s social media profile profitable can […]

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    How Geotargeting Can Help Your Business

    What steps are you taking to ensure the success of your business? Are you blogging? Have you started using social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn? Perhaps you are doing these business-promoting activities and want to do something more. If so, then why not take advantage of geotargeting? Geotargeting is defined as the ability to […]

  • 15 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website in 2011