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  • How to Build Your Internet Presence

    How to Build Your Internet Presence

    As a business owner, you recognize that it is vital that you get the word out about your company. Perhaps, you take out ads in the paper, have a coupon in those monthly coupon mail-outs or even have a paid spot on television or radio. These can all be effective. But what about the Internet? […]

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    Daniel Trimpey Presentation on Internet Marketing

    Page Progressive CEO, Daniel Trimpey, gave a 45 minute talk on the basics of a sound internet marketing strategy for small businesses on March 21st at Your Local Studio and via live internet stream. Both in person and online participants were able to pose questions throughout the talk. The topic will be a broad overview of […]

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    12 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Developer for Custom Sites

    If you have been considering a custom web design for your business, but have no idea where to start, then the best thing you can do is hire a professional web developer. This is because a professional custom web design can provide you with solid user interface, marketability, a mobile-friendly site, a website rich in […]

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    15 SEO Tips for Making Google Love your Website

    As one of the most powerful search engines on the web, Google affects the way most professional web developers approach custom web design. After all, Google plays such an important role to the Internet that it is not uncommon to hear people use the company’s name as a verb such as  “I Googled (pick a topic) […]

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    How Geotargeting Can Help Your Business

    What steps are you taking to ensure the success of your business? Are you blogging? Have you started using social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn? Perhaps you are doing these business-promoting activities and want to do something more. If so, then why not take advantage of geotargeting? Geotargeting is defined as the ability to […]

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    Debunking the Metatag Myth

    If you have ever developed a website, then chances are you have worked with Meta tags. And, while many Meta tags are useful, some are not nearly as necessary as they once were. There is an abundance of Meta tag myths circulating on the Web, at conferences/seminars and among many business owners when it comes […]

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    Blackhat Versus Whitehat SEO: Slow & Steady Wins the Race

    Do you remember the Aesop’s fable about the turtle and the hare? Remember how the turtle steadily plodded toward the finish line, while the hare raced along looking for easiest ways to get ahead, and then rested on his laurels once he thought he had attained the prize? Then, seemingly out of nowhere, there was […]

  • 15 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website in 2011

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    Tips to Test and Measure Your Site’s SEO

    If you’ve been following our last few posts, you now have spent a fair amount of time making your site search engine optimized. And, chances are, you are already seeing a bit more web traffic. However, your website SEO is not complete, nor will it ever be 100%. This is due to step four of […]

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    Privacy Policies = Higher Page Rank?

    It has been suspected by many web knowledgeable individuals in the SEM realm that having a privacy policy can improve your site’s page ranking, although there is no hard proof of this fact. However, one thing is certain; if you do have a privacy policy, it is mandatory that you follow it.  In fact, if […]