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  • How to Build Your Internet Presence

    How to Build Your Internet Presence

    As a business owner, you recognize that it is vital that you get the word out about your company. Perhaps, you take out ads in the paper, have a coupon in those monthly coupon mail-outs or even have a paid spot on television or radio. These can all be effective. But what about the Internet? […]

  • 7 Great Articles on Link Building

    7 Great Articles on Link Building

    Stepforth is a great website with tons of resources on online marketing. Here is a a page of theirs that lists seven really good articles on link building. If you have any interest in improving your ranking in search engines by building links to your website, give these a read:

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    15 SEO Tips for Making Google Love your Website

    As one of the most powerful search engines on the web, Google affects the way most professional web developers approach custom web design. After all, Google plays such an important role to the Internet that it is not uncommon to hear people use the company’s name as a verb such as  “I Googled (pick a topic) […]

  • Tips, Tactics & Warnings with Link Building

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    How to Test the Value in Your Link Building

    There is much more to successful link building than implementing the steps mentioned in the first part of this series on link building. Yes, you want to develop as many links to your site as possible, but you want quality, not just quantity.  Here some things to keep in mind, if you are concerned about […]

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    Blackhat Versus Whitehat SEO: Slow & Steady Wins the Race

    Do you remember the Aesop’s fable about the turtle and the hare? Remember how the turtle steadily plodded toward the finish line, while the hare raced along looking for easiest ways to get ahead, and then rested on his laurels once he thought he had attained the prize? Then, seemingly out of nowhere, there was […]

  • 15 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website in 2011

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    Tips to Test and Measure Your Site’s SEO

    If you’ve been following our last few posts, you now have spent a fair amount of time making your site search engine optimized. And, chances are, you are already seeing a bit more web traffic. However, your website SEO is not complete, nor will it ever be 100%. This is due to step four of […]

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    Improve Your Business Using Twitter and Facebook

    One of the aspects of link building that we tackle for our clients is making sure that they are effectively using social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. These are the two really hot social media apps right now and not getting up to speed on these fabulous services can be a detriment to the […]

  • 2 Ways to Find Out if Links to Your Site Carry Value

    2 Ways to Find Out if Links to Your Site Carry Value

    There are two things to look for to see if a link TO your website from another website is sending you Pagerank value to boost your position in search engines. Both methods keep search engines from following that link. However, keep in mind that even though a link may not pass Pagerank, no link is […]