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    24 Ways LinkedIn Can Benefit Small Business

    Social media is here to stay. And whether you choose to use YouTube or Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – being connected is a big part of today’s businesses. But while many business owners recognize Facebook and Twitter’s potential, they are unaware of the many ways that LinkedIn can help their business grow. However, recent reports […]

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    9 Ways to Boost Your Business with Client Testimonials

    We’ve all been there. You need to have some work done on your home, and you want the job done well and for a price that will not break the budget. So, you start asking your friends about which company to call and before long, you’ve heard about several contractors-some of which received rave reviews […]

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    User-friendly Call to Action Buttons for Your Website

    You want your business to grow. You have done all the things that are necessary to bring guests to your website – SEO, link bait, branding and more. And now that people are on your website, you want your guests to become your customers and clients. To do this, an effective call to action button […]