Why Every Speaker Needs a Demo Video

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Are you a professional speaker? Are you seeking to build your speaking business? Check out this experience with demo videos!

Within one week after I launched my revised demo video last year, I landed my largest speaking contract ever (at that time).  When the client and I spoke on the phone the first time, and before we had discussed my speaking fee, the cliented stated verbatim, “I loved your demo video. You’re what we want, so just tell us your price to make it happen.”


Since then, I have consistently been told by meeting planners, executives, and agents that my demo video is one of the best they’ve seen.

You see, when people watch my demo video, it makes them feel like they are already part of my audience. My goal is for them to know, and feel, without any doubt, that I’m the perfect speaker for their event.

So, if you’re serious about speaking, you’ll watch this short video below.

If you’re serious about building a successful speaking business, you’ll watch this video below.

If you seriously desire to put an EXTRA ZERO behind your next speaking contract, then


This post originally appeared on PaidtoSpeak.biz  by Dr. Kevin C. Snyder. 

You can also visit his website KevinCSnyder.com to see how he positions his demo videos, and explore his consulting services.


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