Green Screen Photography is alive and well!!

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Green Screen what? Haven’t heard of this since the 80′s??? Well, guess what? It is alive and well! I have been getting a lot of inquiries for green screen lately and I am super excited about it! What is green screen photography, you ask? Well, it is the neatest thing really. Have you ever seen how they do the weather on TV? The weather person stands in front of a big green or blue screen and look at an inverted screen in front of them to make their famous hand gestures to show where the weather will be going next. Photographers use almost the same approach in photography. As professional photographers, we can produces a screen that is green, or blue. The reason that it is green or blue is because those are the 2 most likely colors that are NOT on your body at the time the photo is taken. Of course if you are wearing green or blue, and a lot of it, then a lot of you might be missed in the photo, but we would make sure you knew that before you wasted your time! But, if your eyes are green or blue, don’t worry, you won’t look like a monster! Your eyes will still show up in the photo. Here is how we start.  We have fun when we create these images, so we ask you to give us your best silly pose.  Most of the time, green screen is not used for formal portraits, so it is ok to get a little silly.  Then we capture the image:





Once we have the image, we use a great program to create the background.  We have over 3500, yes 3500, to choose from and if you can’t find the perfect background for your event, then we can create it!  We have our own printers that we bring on-site for on-site printing capabilities.  We are able to print the image right there while you wait.  We also supply the photo folders as part of what we bring for the client.  Those can be customized as well!  Here is the finished image:






Green screen is SO much fun and is a great take away for your event ~ we do a lot of Mitzvah’s, graduations, trade shows, corporate anniversaries, and product launches.  Believe me, adults like it as much as the kids do, REALLY!


Here are some other final images from some of our green screen events:






Call us if you have any questions about it ~ it is a fun way to entertain your crowd, whether young or Gen X, Baby Boomer, or Veteran age!


Mica Parekh

IWP Photography & Video




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  1. I must say, you guys employ some fantastic models ;-)